Listening Parties

Join us for free Listening Parties, as musicians and scholars play for you legendary records that shaped the course of Jazz history. Hear from some of today’s greatest artists as they share with you the albums and artists that inspired them.


All Jazz at Lincoln Center listening parties will be held at:

Varis Leichtman Studio
The Irene Diamond Education Center (IDEC)
Time Warner Center, 60th Street and Broadway
5th Floor

June 5, 7:00 pm – Ragtime Symposium

The master drummer Ignacio Berroa will come to demonstrate “Afro–Cuban Jazz and Beyond” – a multimedia presentation exploring the development of Afro–Cuban and Cuban music since the slaves’ arrival to Cuba, as well as the music’s influence in Jazz, and also Jazz’s influence in Cuban music.

Berroa will also offer live demonstrations of musical concepts with his band, and will play recordings of some of his favorite examples.