Listening Parties

Join us for free Listening Parties, as musicians and scholars play for you legendary records that shaped the course of Jazz history. Hear from some of today’s greatest artists as they share with you the albums and artists that inspired them. All Listening Parties are free and open to the public. Unless otherwise indicated, seating is available on a first come/first served basis.


The Irene Diamond Education Center (IDEC)
Time Warner Center, 60th Street and Broadway
5th Floor


February 1 at 7 pm

“In the Diaspora of the Diaspora: The Music You’ve Never Heard”

Join saxophonist and historian Allen Lowe as he traces an unorthodox, but extraordinary, journey through the odd hills and valleys of 20th Century American music. In this series, Allen will cover—through original recordings—a range of styles from post minstrelsy to early African-American expression, to Ragtime and early Jazz, from Hillbilly music to the Blues, and from Jazz to American avant-garde music.


February 7 at 7 pm

Jazz of the 1950s Film Clips Party

Host Will Friedwald continues our Jazz Movie night as we celebrate and explore the music of the 1950s. See some of Jazz’s greatest figures in live performances during this extraordinary decade for Jazz.


March 9 at 7 pm

Doubling Instruments: A Workshop with Ted Nash

Join JLCO saxophonist Ted Nash and saxophonist Aaron Johnson as they explore doubling on instruments, discuss how to approach doubling in performance and practice, and explain tips on building one’s abilities in doubling!


March 10 at 7 pm

Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song Documentary Screening

Join filmmaker Stephanie Castillo for a screening of Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song, an inspired documentary on the late reed master. Learn more about the life of this highly influential, yet supremely underrated, artist, and see him in historic performance footage!