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The Origins of Jazz, with Phil Schaap

Written by user on January 14, 2014

Last year, Phil Schaap joined us to film a series that discusses the early origins of Jazz. It’s an engaging eight-part series that will answer some questions you may not yet have thought of, like:

Why is Marco Polo important to the development of Jazz?
What made New Orleans so special and so crucial in the creation of Jazz?
What was Congo Square?
How did Jazz originate?
How did the solo develop?

Check out the series here, and learn more about the origins and the dawn …

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New Year, New Reading Lists

Written by user on January 8, 2014

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more books?

If so, our curator–the great scholar and radio personality Phil Schaap–has graciously provided us with a recommended set of books for you to check out. This list below provides a starting point, with texts focusing primarily on earlier styles of Jazz. Phil provided even more titles covering later styles of the music, and we’ll list them in future posts.

We’ve added a few extra thoughts to accompany each book, and we …

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