High School Jazz Academy Admission and Audition Requirements

We are now receiving applications for the 2022-2023 High School Jazz Academy. Please submit your application by Monday, June 6th 2022.

1. Scales: Play chromatic and 3 major scales (two octaves, major keys chosen by the adjudicators)

2. Sight-read: All students will sight-read selected material within their respective sections.

3. Improvisation: All students will improvise over a blues (concert F, Bb, or Eb) and rhythm changes (concert Bb) progressions with a rhythm section.

4. Rhythm section: Piano and guitar players should be prepared to comp changes for blues and rhythm changes in addition to improvising.
Bass players will be expected to walk a bass line and improvise over those chord progressions.
Drummers will play time and improvise along with a rhythm section and demonstrate ability with brushes as well as sticks.