Junior Jazz Academy CURRICULUM

Jazz Masters
These daily one-hour sessions will highlight the musical achievements of Jazz Masters while connecting to the students own personal experience. Each session will be led by a different faculty member and include focused listening, guided dialogue, and musical reflection.

Jazz Language
During Jazz Language sessions students will learn to embody a variety of skills necessary to the process of learning and performing jazz music. Faculty will guide the students through improvisation techniques as learned through melody, harmony, and form. At the end of the Academy students will better understand jazz repertoire and how to acquire new jazz concepts on their own.

Studio Class
Students will participate in daily group lessons specific to their instrument. Faculty will assess the specific needs of the students on their instrument and give instruction for them to take home.

Master Class
Students will participate in a daily Master Class on their instrument. The classes will give the students the opportunity to ask questions and learn about multiple aspects of jazz music and learn techniques applied directly to their instrument.

Big Band
Every student will participate in a Big Band during the Academy. These ensemble formats are coached by faculty with a deep understanding of the big band cannon and introduce students to iconic jazz music through seminal composers and arrangers as Duke Ellington, Benny Carter, and Frank Foster, among others.

These small group formats are essential to embracing the full jazz experience. Students will have the chance to experiment with sounds, theory, and improvisation in an open and supportive environment while learning basic jazz performance repertoire.