Junior Jazz Academy How to Participate

Application Deadline

June 19, 2020

(Late applications will be considered if space is available)

For more information or questions
Call: 212-258-9947
Email: jja@jazz.org

    Part 1
    To be completed by the parent

    student first name

    student last name

    date of birth

    current grade (2019-20)

    grade (2020-21)


    parent(s) or guardian(s) first name(s)

    parent(s) or guardian(s) last name(s)

    home phone number

    Work phone number

    parent cell (1)

    parent cell (2)

    parent email (1)

    parent email (2)

    mailing address:



    zip code

    name of school

    name of music program (if applicable)

    music teacher, band director, or guidance counselor's name

    music teacher, band director, or guidance counselor's email

    Part 2
    I, the parent or guardian, certify to the best of my ability that the information in this application is correct, and electronically sign my name below:

    I verify that I am 13 years of age or older