Middle School Jazz Academy About the Program

Middle School Jazz Academy offers tuition-free instrumental jazz instruction to New York City middle school students. Students learn how to play jazz while emphasizing the importance of teamwork, creativity and self-expression, from Jazz at Lincoln Center faculty, members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and visiting jazz masters.

About the Program

Middle School Jazz Academy (MSJA) meets weekly from October through May in three locations: Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan culminating in public performances at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Each week, students attend Saturday classes including Listening and Learning with the Jazz Masters, Jazz Language and Jazz Ensemble. In addition, twenty students at each location receive forty-five minute private lessons from an MSJA faculty member. The MSJA faculty is comprised of accomplished jazz musicians, deeply committed to connecting with today’s youth through innovative teaching and mentoring techniques.

Middle School Jazz Academy students and their families receive complimentary tickets to attend performances and educational events at Jazz at Lincoln Center to supplement this unique jazz immersion experience.

“Jazz is music to my soul. It is a very sweet melody that puts you in the mood to realize and think how great life is.”

Brenda Letang, MSJA Parent

“Jazz is the rhythm, the soul, the beat. It evolves around me. There’s jazz everywhere I go. Jazz is the music I fell in love with. Jazz is me.”

Terson Modeste, MSJA student