Swing University Phil Schaap's biography

Phil Schaap has broadcast jazz on the radio for over 44 years and has won GRAMMY® Awards for Historical Writing (3), Producing (3), and Audio Engineering (2). Since 1970, Mr. Schaap has been heard on WKCR (89.9FM/wkcr.org) and is best known for his weekday morning program, “Bird Flight”, on Charlie Parker. Jazz historian Schaap became Curator of Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC) in 2001. After 14 years of teaching jazz at Princeton University, Mr. Schaap began teaching Jazz in the Masters’ Program at Juilliard. At JALC, Phil serves as the academic head of Swing University (SWING U), the expanded education series offered by JALC. His knowledge of the history of the art of jazz enriches the organization across all departments. Mr. Schaap is Editor of Jazz at Lincoln Center Library Editions and as such has added learned essays to its publications “This Is Ragtime” and “Charlie Parker and Jazz Club Memorabilia”.