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    Parents/Guardians: You must include a copy of the first two pages of your most recent tax form (2017 or 2018) indicating total annual household income.

    Applications submitted without income verification will not be considered.
    You can submit your tax form by postal mail or fax.

    Mailing Address:
    Middle School Jazz Academy
    Jazz at Lincoln Center
    3 Columbus Circle
    Suite 1200
    New York, NY 10019

    Fax number: 212-258-9900

    Part 3

    To be completed by the student. Download and print this PDF. All answers must be neatly handwritten in the space provided, and brought with you to your first round audition. Download the part 3 PDF.

    Part 4
    To be completed by music teacher, band director or guidance counselor.

    Answer the questions below and email:

    1. Identify Student’s Name and School/Organization

    2. How many major scales can your student comfortably play?

    3. Describe your student’s ability to play by ear and read music.

    4. Why should your student be admitted to the Middle School Jazz Academy?


    Student auditions run approximately fifteen minutes and will include the following:

    • Performance

    • Perform two contrasting pieces of the student’s choice

    • Scales

    • Play three different major scales

    • Sight Reading

    • Sight read a song consisting of simple rhythms and melodic ideas

    • Melodic and Rhythmic Patterns

    • A faculty member will tap a series of short rhythmic patterns and melodies and the student will repeat them

    • Verbal

    • Students should be prepared to answer the question, “What would you like to learn about jazz?”

    After the first round of auditions, a limited number of students will be invited via mail and/or phone to return for a callback audition and a family interview.

    Part 5
    Preference 1:

    Preference 2:

    Preference 3:


    Auditions will take place at various schools across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronx.
Site Coordinators will contact families directly to schedule audition date, time and location.

    Part 6

    I, the parent or guardian, certify to the best of my ability that the information in this application is correct, and electronically sign my name below:

    I verify that I am 13 years of age or older