What Is WeBop?

Music Classes for Kids

WeBop is Jazz at Lincoln Center’s award-winning early-childhood jazz education program for children ages eight months to five years, which invites families to stomp, strut, and swing to the joyous rhythms of jazz! We strongly believe in children’s natural ability to improvise and we are committed to exploring their creativity through fun interactive classes!

“No pandering and no nursery rhymes. Teachers make sure kids and parents get an authentic introduction to the genre by grounding sessions in true jazz.”

New York Magazine

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“I love how everything is so age appropriate and interactive. I feel like I can take what we did in class and apply it at home in a modified way, using play lists or scatting since my child likes to babble right now. It’s great!”

WeBop Parent

Our curriculum combines early childhood developmentally appropriate practices and jazz pedagogy to provide musically authentic experiences. Like jazz musicians, WeBoppers move freely within a commonly understood structure, an environment that encourages all to participate in an improvisatory spirit, each contributing in their own way to create a unique ensemble.

WeBop is organized in 8-week terms, and each class is led by an instructor with the support from a piano accompanist. Classes incorporate both live and recorded music that provide opportunities to explore jazz through movement, songs, storytelling and playing small percussion instruments. In addition to these activities, guest musicians visit the class twice per term (weeks 4 and 8) to introduce families to a live jazz band, reinforcing the repertoire and concepts learned in class. We offer 4 different thematic terms where families will learn about the core concepts, instruments, styles, and great performers of jazz.

Classes are 45-minute long are structured as a child-adult experience.  WeBop is not a child drop-off program.

Winter Schedule

Not available for a full WeBop term?

Join us for our Single Classes

Join us for one of our WeBop Family Jazz Party concerts. These 45-minute interactive concerts are open to the public, tickets begin at $25. Tickets are mandatory for all adults and children (exclusion for non-walking babies only).

WeBop is produced in collaboration with Lori Custodero, Teachers College, Columbia University.